How to care for your bag.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Like most natural fibers, those used in my bags are pretty tough and resilient, but mishaps happen.  (Ask me about the hot chocolate incident.) Try to use a minimalist approach to cleaning.  

Cork: Not quite as tough as a high quality leather but it is close.  Clean dirt away using a damp cloth (with or without mild detergent). Minor scratches will self heal.  Big cuts, not so much.

Wool: This fabric is pretty stain and water resistant. For liquid spills, blot them up with a clean cloth as they happen. For dirt and grime, try these steps in the following order of escalation: a standard lint roller, pat the stain and blot with water and dilute detergent, and finally (ugh) a chemical spot remover or professional dry cleaner. (The disclaimer: Always test any cleaning method first in an inconspicuous area.)

Waxed canvas: Fold marks are supposed to occur with use.  They add character to the bag.  It is why I use it.  It is water repellant so long as the wax stays put.  (Hint, avoid heat, wax melts.)  Soiled areas can be cleaned with water or water and dilute detergent.  You can also rewax the canvas to maintain the water repellency and to clean up a bit - using bees' wax or a commercial wax product (FIlson makes one I like.