Top Zip Everyday Bag

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This cheery bag is made of bright Tomato Red wool design felt, medium brown waxed canvas and bright blue seat belt strapping.  The body of the bag is made of Tomato Red wool design felt.  The wrap around front pocket is made of brown waxed canvas that ages to show off minor scratches and scapes obtained with use. The cotton pocket lining peeks over the top of the pocket to tie the colors together. A twist lock keeps the large front pocket closed. A smaller interior pocket is also made of waxed canvas.  The top zipper blends with the Tomato Red felt to hold your items securely closed until you unzip it to open wide. The two handles are made of bright blue seat belt strapping, attached to the bag with D-rings and swivel snap hooks.

Materials: merino wool, wool design felt, industrial felt, wool, wool felt, seat belt strapping, waxed canvas, cotton.

Sizes: 14 inches wide, 14 inches tall, 5½ in deep at the base. Handles are long enough to carry in hand.